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This Wiki is a fan-based creation, none of what is provided on this wiki is true nor does it claim to be at any given time.

This wiki is simply here for the fun and enjoyment of fan-fiction readers and creators.

This particular page is created for the fan-fiction titled "Behind The Masks."

"Behind The Masks." is a Fan-fiction series (originally titled "twist of fate") that is based around several characters but carried by one main character named Nia Williams.

Information on all characters included will be introduced throughout this wiki page while explored.

Created & Written By - N.G

Introduction ~*Edit


The story begins in a flashback of glimpses that Nia is remembering of her final moments before leaving her former home in North Carolina. She remembers the last conversation with her husband of four years. How it didn't go so smoothly even though she kind of figured it wouldn't. He and her haven't really been seeing eye to eye the last couple months. When they finally ended their was so much non-needed build up of stress, sadness, hatred, and confusion they just exploded apart.

She had left that night so quickly, she left everything she had come to own and become fond of in their house and she didn't plan to ever return to claim them. Maybe it was because she didn't want to face her once loved husband or because she was afraid the choice that she had made was made for the wrong reasons.

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